Romeo and Juliet/Poetry Learning mat
English Literature Exam Practice Papers
Resources to support the Unseen Poetry Revision activities done on the day big grin
ENG FEL Year 10 Analysing Spoken Language
Resources/homework for the examination novel

How to persuade your peers, to support a charity of your choice in a speech.

This course contains Audio readings from all six chapters from the novel 'Of Mice and Men'.
This course has both poems; Still I Rise and Nothing's Changed. It also has copies of the analysis grids and also an essay plan
These are some resources that you may find handy big grin
Chapters 1 & 39 Great Expectations
Boost Your Grade in English - Fun Revision
Paper 2 Section A focuses on argue/persuade/advise skills. The resources in this section will allow you to explore the techniques used for this type of writing.